A helping hand in a new land.

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Orientation & Resources Webinars

Explore our Fall 2021 Orientation & Resources Webinar Schedule and Course Descriptions below and save your spot today!

GBUSA 2021 Webinars Descriptions & Schedule

Each enrolled student will receive the Zoom link 1 day prior to the start date of the class.

Are you an organization with immigrant clients or employees? Contact us about group signups or to create a custom Orientation & Resources webinar for your audience!

Interviewing Techniques That Will Get You the Job

Wednesday, Sept. 15th, 2021

9am – 12pm


Introduction to Government in the U.S.

Monday, Sept. 20th, 2021

1pm – 4pm


Low-Beginner ESL

Every Wednesday and Friday from 10:00am – 12:00pm 

Starting: Wednesday, 9/29 

Ending: Friday, 12/3


10/8, 10/13, 10/15, 10/20, 11/24, 11/26

COST: $95/student

Developing Leaders in the 21st Century Workplace

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00pm – 3:00pm 

Starting: Tuesday, 10/26

Ending: Thursday, 12/9

Cost: $89/student

New to the United States or recently moved to another part of the country? Right now, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed trying to find your way in surroundings that feel alien and completely unfamiliar.

But that’s where we come in. At Golden Beacon USA, we’re your one-stop shop for the products and services that will help you settle in and adjust to this place you now call home. We provide Orientation and Resources Webinars on a wide range of topics including but not limited to:

  • American culture and institutions
  • Overviews of the major metropolitan areas of the U.S. and their communities
  • Immigrant resources
  • Career planning and
  • English as a Second Language with a TESOL-certified instructor

How will you benefit? These webinars:

  • Provide an online, in-depth version of the information you need to know as a newcomer to the U.S.
  • Focus on your specific community (city and county) and its surrounding areas in which you live and work
  • Ease your anxiety about living in a new place and connect you to your newly adopted area, making you feel at home
  • Equip you with the resources and knowledge to help you thrive in your new country economically, socially, and politically
  • Focus on career-related topics that will benefit those wanting to advance in their careers or further their education
  • Provide you with follow-up opportunities, including references to the Golden Beacon USA online educational videos or a Golden Beacon USA instructor to follow up with any questions

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