Our Principles

Affordable: Prices for the educational videos and services are kept at a low, reasonable price to accommodate immigrants from all socioeconomic backgrounds.


Privacy Promise: Golden Beacon USA is committed to the protection of the privacy of its users. Such information will only be shared to protect immediate risk of death, harm, or bodily injury, or risk to community, or as otherwise required by lawful court order.


Accessible: The educational videos and other services are offered online so everyone can participate, anywhere, anytime. The site is available in Spanish and Chinese and the videos are equipped with accompanying scripts in those languages for those whose first language is not English.


Patriotism: America is a wonderful place, full of opportunity and freedom for anyone and everyone. Golden Beacon USA is here to help you get started in calling this great place home.


Customer Service: Listening to the needs of our customers drives the content and services offered by Golden Beacon USA. Providing our customers with an easy way to contact us and responding in a timely manner are important cornerstones of our company.


Compassion: We understand that the immigration process can be difficult and scary. We are here to listen and provide support.


Integration of Adult Learning Principles: We know you have different learning needs. That’s why the design of the videos and presentations offered through Golden Beacon USA reflect the motivations of adult learners and how that influences their learning styles. Golden Beacon USA aims to engage the learner in the learning process and present the content in a fun and entertaining way.