Resource Referrals

When you are new to the United States, finding what you need can be difficult and overwhelming.

Perhaps you are looking for a daycare for your children so that you can work outside the home, an immigration attorney to discuss applying for citizenship, or affordable furniture to decorate your first home in the US.

Maybe it’s a process that has you stumped, like getting your driver’s license, enrolling your children in school, installing utilities like water and electricity in your new home, or applying for social services.

That’s why you need our 4-step Resource Referrals service! With our help, you’ll be able to set up your new life in America stress-free!

Resource referrals cover the total needs of the client, that is, they are not limited to an area such as health. “Resources” also refers to services. We serve both national and local clients.

All resource referral meetings are private between the client and the attendee.

All sessions are conducted in English.

The coach speaks Spanish but is not fluent. It is the client’s responsibility to alert the Resource Referral Assistant of the need for an interpreter prior to the first meeting. The Assistant will provide an interpreter over the phone as needed for those struggling with the English language; however, the Client is encouraged to bring their own interpreter if possible.

Client information is kept private and any information disclosed to a resource provider or other person or entity requires authorization from the Client.

After purchasing, please read, sign and email the Resource Referrals Client Agreement to or take a photo of your signature and text it to (866) 403-7173. This document must be submitted before any work can begin.

GBUSA Resource Referrals Process 

Resource Referrals