A helping hand in a new land.

About Golden Beacon USA

Mission Statement

Golden Beacon USA’s mission is to help immigrants to the United States integrate into American society and thrive socially, economically, and civically.

About Us

Moving to the United States can be a mix of emotions: excitement, hope, anxiety, and fear of the unknown. Golden Beacon USA is here to ease that fear by providing you with the answers to the questions keeping you awake at night. Through educational videos focused on your specific U.S. destination, you’ll learn about life in America and the newcomer resources available in your new community to help you succeed and become self-sufficient here.

From directing you to English as a Second Language (ESL) classes and reduced cost healthcare clinics to learning about the school system and transportation options in your area, Golden Beacon USA has you covered.

In addition to the educational videos, Golden Beacon USA offers other services, such as career coaching, so you can explore your education and employment opportunities to help you get ahead in your new country. Through Golden Beacon USA’s social forums, you will meet and network with other newcomers to the United States and share tips and resources. Partner with us through our contracting workshop services to share Golden Beacon USA knowledge with your organization’s clientele or employees.

The future of Golden Beacon USA includes additional educational videos that cover the major metropolitan areas of the United States, so this resource will be available no matter where you move. Additional services will include, among others, “Discover America” trips where newcomers travel to different areas of the United States and learn about its history, thus building a greater connection with their new country.

Whether you are getting ready to leave for the United States or have already made the trip, Golden Beacon USA is here with you every step of the way. Welcome to America.