WATCH: Our Educational Videos Will Help You Learn the American Way of Life

Life this year has been a mix of emotions: fear, sadness, hopelessness. Add to that the stress of being a newcomer to a foreign country, and your anxiety can hit an all-time high.

We here at Golden Beacon USA want to decrease your stress by making your transition to American life more manageable. That is why we are happy to announce that our educational videos subscription service is now available!

Choose a monthly or yearly plan to gain access to an ever-expanding content library that covers all things America! Learn about American culture and systems, finances, transportation and educational options, immigrant resources, job search and employment, and more, plus interviews with experts in their fields!

Check them out for yourself! We’re sure they’ll help you feel at home in the United States.

And in the meantime, here’s a taste of some of the topics we cover!


What are the housing options in America?

We’re glad you asked! Check out our ‘Housing in the U.S.’ video where we interview a seasoned real estate agent on the types of housing available – from townhouses to apartments to standalone homes – and payment options, such as buying or renting a place. Learn about a mortgage, or a loan you can receive from the bank, so you can buy that house with the white picket fence, considered by many to be the American Dream.


I’ve heard it’s expensive to live in America. How will I be able to afford it?

Don’t fret! The cost of living really depends on the area in the U.S. in which you settle. Big cities like New York and Los Angeles have high costs of living; living in a Southern state will be much cheaper in terms of housing prices, grocery prices, etc. But really, regardless of where you settle, it’s all about managing your money well. That’s why we recruited a banking and finance expert to give you some tips on how to be financially sound in your new country! Learn the basics of budgeting, or planning how to use your income, plus banking practices in the U.S., how credit is used, how to avoid debt, and how to protect yourself from being a victim of identity theft.

And don’t forget to contact us about our Career Coaching services. We can help you discover your career interests, find and apply to jobs that align with your interests and education, and start or go back to school!


What are some everyday laws and rules I need to follow in America? I don’t want to get into trouble.

We don’t want you to get into trouble either! That’s why our videos focus on everything from car seat laws for children and acceptable forms of discipline to the process of gaining admittance to American universities and colleges to paying your bills and taxes (taxes are due every April). We even explain some of the minimum qualifications you must have in order to be eligible for federal and state programs that could assist you and your family. Learn more by signing up for a video subscription today!



If you’re looking for guidance when it comes to learning about life in America, Golden Beacon USA’s e-learning videos on American culture and everyday life are here to make your transition as easy as possible! Contact us today at or call or text (866) 403-7173. Remember, you are not alone!