Resource Referrals

How Do I…?

Need help finding resources or services in your area, such as an immigration lawyer or daycare? Unsure how a certain process works in the US, like obtaining your driver’s license or enrolling your children in school? In our Resource Referrals Service, our Personal Assistant researches what you need, performs the outreach (phone calls, emails, visits), shares her findings and next steps with you, and coordinates your introduction to the resource provider. She is also available to accompany you on appointments.

Resource Referrals encompass the total needs of the client, i.e. they are not restricted to one area such as health. ‘Resources’ refers to services as well.

All Resource Referral meetings are one-on-one between the Client and the Assistant. Client’s information is kept private and any information to be disclosed with a resource provider or other person or entity requires authorization from Client.

Once purchased, please read our Resource Referrals Client Agreement. Please sign and e-mail the document to Assistant at or take a photo of your signature and text it to (866) 403-7173. This document must be submitted before any work can begin.

Our Resource Referrals service includes 4 steps: Assess, Research, Coordinate, Follow-up. Each step is described in more detail below.