A helping hand in a new land.

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Contracted Career Coaching

In addition to our private career coaching service, we also provide contract professional coaching to organizations and businesses with immigrant employees and/or clients.

Our trained and experienced professional trainer, Laura Marenco, provides individual professional training sessions to help her audience achieve their personal, educational and work goals, such as:

  • Obtaining their dream job to support themselves and their family and/or change their financial situation;
  • Discovering the professional path or educational pursuit that aligns with their values ​​and interests and gives them the most personal satisfaction;
  • Acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary to change your professional identity, whether it’s to move up in your industry or company, earn a raise, or complete a life goal.

And by providing such a service to your audience, your organization will benefit in the following ways:

  • Improving the mental health of an employee or client during this difficult transition to a new country and their satisfaction with life.
  • Increasing employees’ happiness, making them less likely to leave their current job and employer.
  • Providing them with a confidential and personal space to explore their talents and abilities, which benefits both the mission and the future of their organization.

In this confidential one-on-one coaching relationship, Laura helps the client gain a new perspective on challenges or opportunities and discover the solution or next steps. Our personal career counseling services are tailored to the specific needs, interests, educational background, and employment history of each client. We serve both local and national clients.

NOTE: All Career Coaching sessions will take place on Zoom or Skype at this time. Career Coach uses an on-demand interpreter for those clients who struggle with the English language.

Laura Marenco has a graduate certificate in Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance from the George Mason University International Coaching Federation accredited program.

If you are looking to expand the professional services that your organization offers to its clients or even to its own employees, please contact us using the form below. We will get back to you within one business day.

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