How to Get Involved In Your New Community

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Moving to a new country is difficult in and of itself, let alone handling the total culture shock that accompanies it. Adapting to a new community means adapting to a whole new set of unique customs, beliefs, and personalities. While you do not and should not give up your cultural identity, getting involved with your new community will help you feel more engaged and help you adapt to your new life.

Not sure how? Check out our suggestions below!

Volunteer Locally

The most meaningful way to make an impact on your community is through volunteering.  Volunteering your time at local events like a community cleanup or a bake sale can help you meet new people and learn more about the new place you call home.

Other volunteer methods include delivering food to the elderly through Meals on Wheels, mentoring children, running marathons to raise money for a good cause, plus much more. If you aren’t sure where to start, try joining nonprofit organizations like AmeriCorps which can point you in the right direction. Other means of searching for local volunteer efforts include newspapers, community centers, and bulletin boards or flyers you might spot around town. Volunteering is a great way to stay active in your community and effect change.

Donate Both Goods and Money

Another great way to make an impact on your community is through donations. Donating can take many forms, such as donating canned food to food drives or donating clothes to homeless shelters. You can also save lives by donating blood and plasma through organizations like The American Red Cross.

In addition, you can make monetary donations to needy organizations, such as local charities and other causes that help your community. Donating money will increase the budget of nonprofit organizations, allowing them to assist more people. Not sure where to donate? Websites like Great Nonprofits provide you with information and reviews of nonprofit organizations in your area. Whether you are donating goods or money, you will be helping a person in need!

Vote in Local Elections

If you meet the requirements to vote in local elections, exercise that right! As discussed in our How to Help Other Immigrants blog post, though your citizenship status dictates your ability to vote at the federal level, local election officials are slowly allowing more and more non-U.S. citizens to vote in elections that directly affect their new community.

Unfortunately, these elections don’t receive the same kind of attention as those for a new governor or president, but they are just as or sometimes even more critical. Most importantly, local elections determine how much money will be distributed to city infrastructure, such as maintaining roads and water quality. While voting is not mandatory, exercising your right will significantly benefit both you and your new community.

While you might need time to adjust to your new community, remember that you are not alone! Golden Beacon USA’s products and services are here to make your transition to your new country as easy as possible! Check out our educational videos or buy a Resource Referrals package so we can help you get acquainted with your new community. Questions? Contact me today at or call or text (866) 403-7173.


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