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Preguntas Frecuentes

What does Golden Beacon USA do?

Golden Beacon USA is a one-stop shop for information and services that immigrants and refugees in the US need to acclimate to their new country. We offer educational videos on American culture and resources, ESL, professional development, resource referrals, social forums, and resource and orientation webinars.

Is it a nonprofit organization?

We are a for-profit organization.

Are your services free?

All of our services have a fee, except for the e-learning videos and social forums. We try to keep our prices as low and affordable as possible.

I don't speak English. Can I use your services?

Of course! We speak Spanish, but not fluently. For other languages ​​or for those struggling with the English language, we provide an on-demand phone interpreter during our meetings per your request.

I am not an immigrant or refugee. Can I still use your services?

Yes. No matter how long you’ve been in the US or if you were born here or in another country, our services are available to everyone.

To use your services, do I have to disclose my immigration status?

NO. We help everyone and everyone, including undocumented clients. The only instance where we would need this information is during a career counseling session or resource referral to verify your eligibility to go to school, work, or use state or local programs. Your information is kept private and confidential. See our privacy policy for more information.

How do I create an account on Golden Beacon USA?

Click on «My Account» in the upper right corner of the site. In «Sign up», enter your email address and create a password. Click on «Register.» You will receive a confirmation email. Once you have confirmed your email address, log in and you will be directed to the dashboard, where you can view and manage your orders, manage your shipping and billing information, and edit your password and account details. To create your profile on our social forums, click on “Social Forums”. In the drop-down menu, click on “Members”. On the right side, click on «Profile.»

Why should I watch the e-learning videos?

Our FREE educational video library will teach you about US culture and systems, finance, transportation, and educational options, immigrant resources, job and employment search, and more! Our library is constantly updated with new content, so be sure to check back often.

Why can't I download the e-learning videos to my computer?

The e-learning videos are only accessible and viewable through your account on the Golden Beacon USA website. You cannot download the videos to view them on your personal devices.

What are the social forums?

Our social forums are a private place for immigrants and refugees to meet and share resources and advice. You can create your own profile, add a photo, start or add to a discussion, and more. Create your profile today!

I live in another country and would like to move to the U.S. Can you help me?

Yes! We can help you search for and apply for jobs or educational programs, or find resources for you, such as an immigration attorney. In addition to emails, we use WhatsApp to communicate. You can reach us at +17138291704. Please note, however, that we are limited in how we can assist you from afar. We are not lawyers. We do not provide any legal advice or services.

Are you a lawyer and/or provide legal services?

No. We are not attorneys nor do we provide legal advice, assistance and/or representation. Questions about immigration to the US or any other related matter should be directed to a licensed immigration attorney, who we are more than happy to help you find. Visit our Resource Referrals section for more information.

Is my account information safe?

Yes! We are committed to protecting the privacy of our users. Your information will only be shared to protect the immediate risk of death, bodily harm or injury, or risk to the community, or as required by a legal court order. Read our privacy policy for more information.

Are your services available to organizations that help and/or employ immigrants and refugees?

Yes, all of our services are available by contract to organizations serving immigrants and refugees, as well as companies with foreign employees. Our customized Orientation & Resources webinars are specifically designed for such organizations and businesses to help foreign employees or clients acclimate to their new community and learn about American culture. We also offer on-site presentations and webinars for organizations and businesses who want to familiarize themselves with our mission and services.

I am thinking about going back to school. Can you help me with that?

Definitely! As part of our career coaching service, we will help you explore higher education options that align with your interests and goals and submit your applications.

Are you on social media?

Yes! Please like and follow us on  Facebook ,  Instagram ,  Twitter , Pinterest , and YouTube .