Una mano amiga en una nueva tierra.

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Acerca de Golden Beacon USA

Our mission is to help immigrants to the United States integrate into American society and thrive socially, economically, and civically. We achieve our mission through the following products and services:

Educational Videos

Our educational videos make life in your new country easier to understand. Check out our library of e-learning videos to learn about U.S. Culture & Systems, Finances, Transportation & Educational Options, Immigrant Resources, Job Search & Employment, and more!

Career Coaching

Do you want to get ahead in your new country? Whether you’re looking for a job, figuring out your interests, or thinking about going back to school, our personal career counseling services can help!

ESL Tutoring

Whether you know a word of English or just want to improve your skills, signing up for an ESL tutoring session is the right first step. Our private and small group tutoring will equip you with the oral and written skills you need to make everyday life easier in your new country. 

Resource Referrals

When you are new to the United States, finding what you need can be difficult and overwhelming. So where should you start? With our Resource Referrals Assistant and our 4-step process!

Orientation & Resources Webinars

New to the United States or recently moved to another part of the country? Enroll in one of our webinars to learn more about your new city or country!

Social Forums

Looking to meet new people? Create a free profile on our social forums and make new friends or share advice with other newcomers!

Golden Beacon USA Overview Presentations

Do you work at an organization with immigrant employees or clientele who are new to America and its culture? Our overview presentations help expand the products and services available to your audience! 

Custom E-learning Modules

Want to help your employees or clients, and in turn, your organization, grow and succeed? We create self-paced e-learning training solutions to provide training in a flexible and informative way for your audience.